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Ker-Soft - Company Profile

Ker-Soft Ltd. was established in 1996 and has played a significant role in Hungarian software retail and whole sales ever since. Our registered office is in Budapest, the Hungarian capital.

The company’s main specialty is the software delivery for retailers and end-users. Ker-Soft offers the complete range of solutions from PC developer tools to system management tools satisfying the demands of complex multinational enterprises.

We provide post sales support as well as training on the products deployed. We offer support in evaluating and choosing solutions meeting our customers’ requirements. We are up to developing customized applications.

Our goal is to introduce new quality software products and services to the Hungarian market. Our experience with infrastructural, security and data availability software, our knowledge of the market, our spirit of innovation and our customer approach are the main advantages for partnering with us.

Our slogan: IT for everyday!

Ker-Soft & formcraft

Ker-Soft Ltd. is a value added reseller for the formcraft  solutions FCI formcraft invoice® und FormsRec® in the Hungarian market.


Ker-Soft Ltd.
Szombathelyi sqare 14.
Tel.: +36 (1) 206-2147
Fax: +36 (1) 206-2148