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Netline - Company Profile

Some information about NetLine Group

The NetLine Group is an experienced IT company since 1998. Our fields of business include software development and system integration. The core businesses are complex projects at technological and organizational IT levels and address institutions of key sectors of private organizations as well as the public sector.

The NetLine Group is a customer – focused company. We provide IT solutions on demand, build on different vendors’ products and technologies, and tailor it to unique requirements of our customers and their individual needs. Regular add-ons of our product offer, and further development of competences enable, the NetLine Group to meet growing needs within the area of IT services.

The NetLine Group offers a complex approach toward the customer's needs, combining experience, skill and a high level of competence during business analysis and audits.  It is designed to deliver comprehensive IT solutions and on-demand systems that provide the required functionality. We also provide all three-level support service for our customers covering upgrade, software development and applications’ quality and security supervision.

Areas of competence of the NetLine Group: Software Development, Integrated IT Infrastructure, Integrated Systems, Integrated Tele-Technical Systems, Consulting, Outsourcing of IT Infrastructure.

NetLine’s Group Advantage:

  • People (experienced, certified) – We employ one of the best staffs in Poland with long-term practical experience and extensive expert knowledge
  • Partners (key players in the IT market) – We are  a certified partner of leading world IT vendors and manufacturers
  • Company (reliable business partner) – We are a competent and solid partner
  • Market (complex offer adjusted to the market) – We are close to the market. We create our offer based on market demand and modern technologies
  • Key factors  to success of the NetLine Group include:
  • Quality of services ensured by IT experts, organizational maturity for conducting large, complex projects and usage of secure and modern IT technology
  • Competence confirmed by employees’ certification, partner authorizations, applied project management methodology and customer references

Office location / contact:

NetLine Group Sp. z o.o. | ul. Wyścigowa 56F, 53-012 Wrocław, POLAND | phone: +48 71 771 07 00; fax +48 71 771 07 01  

Trade Office In Warsaw:
NetLine Group Sp. z o.o. | ul. Bielawska 6/9, 02-511 Warszawa, POLAND | phone: +48 22 844 87 93, +48 22 844 14 43; fax +48 22 844 72 43”