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OptoSweden AB - Company Profile

OptoSweden AB merchandise and develop programs for data capturing in the Nordic countries. Our business idea is to be a knowledge company. It is given for us, to use our own products in our daily work.

Our software’s reaches from advanced, self learning and fully automatic, for the bigger corporations to small and simple solutions for the smaller ones.

We deliver hard- and software solutions with our products and integrating to all existing host systems and platforms such as ERP-Workflow and accounting systems. This means that we can deliver flexible solutions to all our clients.

One of our biggest advantages is that OptoSweden AB has its own service with fully built service systems for hard and software solutions. We offer training on all our products, at clients’ or in our own facilities in Täby north of Stockholm.

During the last twelve years our choice of open standard products with broad international fastening has enabled us to be among the head of the market.

OptoSweden & formcraft

OptoSweden AB is formcrafts partner for FCI formcraft invoice® and FormsRec® in Scandinavia. The system integrator offers comprehensive solutions for Document management – from data capturing to data processing and distribution to storage. OptoSweden AB has been a formcraft sales partner since the very beginning when FormsRec was born. formcraft offers several high end solutions for handling incoming documents that offers a flexible platform for integration to any kind of processes!


OptoSweden AB
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Niklas Lundberg